Many women who have had an abortion feel emotions such as regret afterward. For some women, these feelings take a while to develop, while for others, they surface soon after the abortion procedure.

The first step to finding healing after abortion is to reach out for help. Be patient with yourself; it may take some time. Reaching out to a trusted professional is crucial.

What Can I Do to Take Care of Myself?

It is important that you engage in self-care activities during the healing process. Getting enough sleep, treating yourself to a nice meal, and talking to others about how you feel are all good ways to take care of yourself. In addition to speaking with a professional, you might consider talking with trusted friends and family members.

Like other forms of trauma, abortion trauma can make women feel isolated and sad. Consider joining support groups to build community with other women who have had similar experiences.

Where can i turn to?

Cecil Pregnancy and Family Resource Center can help connect you to post-abortion counselors who will be able to assist you in your journey toward healing. All of our services are no cost and are confidential. You deserve to find peace!